Accommodation Letters

This Eid/Ramathan, we are excited to join together as one Muslim ummah to celebrate the holiday in good health with those we love. We realize that it may be difficult to have your children excused from school or work for this holiday, especially when they have assignments to do or deadlines to meet. 

For this reason, we recommend submitting a request for accommodations ahead of time to your school or work so that you or your family can secure time off for this occasion. To help our community, we have drafted letter templates for anyone who needs to submit a request for an excused holiday absence. We want to see our community of Muslims celebrating this beloved holiday with no stress and with minds at ease. 

Please use the contact form below to request your personalized letter for submission! If you would like any changes be made to the letter drafts please feel free to mention them in the contact form below. We recommend that you submit this request as soon as possible to make sure that enough time is given for the appropriate accommodations to be made. 

We wish you a blessed Ramadan and inshallah a happy Eid surrounded by your loved ones.

Letter Drafts:

Eid Accommodation letter 1
Eid Accommodation letter 2
Eid Accommodation letter 3
Eid Accommodation letter 4

Request Accommodation letter